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Hit by a truck? Get compensated for your spinal injury

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You were driving on your way to a client’s house for work when the unexpected happened: A truck heading your way didn’t stop for a red light, and it plowed straight into your driver’s side door. Your vehicle spun several times, and you found that you couldn’t get out of your vehicle once it came to a stop. You also noticed that you couldn’t feel your lower abdomen or legs.

You were rushed to the hospital where tests revealed that you had suffered from spinal fractures down your lower back. Several vertebra had been broken, which led to pressure on your spinal nerves. This is why you couldn’t feel anything.

Spinal fractures can range in severity. For minor breaks, it may be possible to recover with rest and bracing. For an incident like yours, surgery was the only option. Now, you’re waiting to see how much, if any, of the feeling you used to have will come back. It’s been a difficult adjustment, but you’re starting to heal.

After a spinal fracture, you deserve support

After you suffer such a severe injury, you deserve support as you recover. In this situation, you may have multiple ways of seeking compensation. For instance, since you were on your way to a client’s house when this happened, you may be able to seek workers’ compensation and the benefits that it provides. If you’re hurt while on the clock and in the course of your normal duties, this insurance should provide for you, giving you a portion of your lost wages, access to medical care coverage and more.

If you can’t seek workers’ compensation for some reason, then you have, potentially, two alternatives. The person who hit you was in the wrong, so that driver may be able to be held personally liable. If they have insurance or many assets, then it may be worth filing a claim against them.

Or, if they aren’t someone you could sue, you may want to look into filing a claim against their employer if they were working at the time of the crash. Employers are often held strictly liable for their employees’ mistakes, so they may be liable in a case where an employee has caused a crash.

No matter what the situation is, you should know that there may be many options open to you. You deserve good financial support, so you can focus on healing in the days to come.