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How should you notify your employer of a safety concern?

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Anytime you are preparing to bring up a concern to your employer, you may be feeling uneasy about how to approach your concern without sounding whiny. When the topic you wish to discuss is in relation to your safety in the workplace, understanding how to phrase your concern in a tactful manner can help you to be more genuine and confident in your conversation.

Safety concerns are generally of utmost importance to a majority of employers and your workplace is probably not much different. The instant you recognize a hazard that you foresee impacting your safety, you should bring it to the attention of a superior. According to, sometimes, your hunch may require you to do a little digging before you claim that the hazard is indeed a threat. Prematurely jumping to conclusions can cause unnecessary panic, but also withdraw attention from meaningful matters of business. When you have adequate evidence to establish credibility, people may be a lot more interested in listening and acting.

You may also consider enlisting the help of your coworkers. They may be able to share their own experiences to provide additional insight into how the hazard you have recognized could impact their own safety and ability to perform their job effectively. When the time comes for you to have a conversation with your employer, make sure you are allowing them an opportunity to talk. Be flexible during the conversation. Even if you are passionate about your objective, be respectful, cordial and cooperative throughout the discussion.

Being vigilant about your surroundings and responsive in addressing potential hazards within your workplace are excellent ways that you can take your own well-being into consideration while you are working. Your efforts to follow protocols and wear and use required protective gear can help you to stay safer and reduce your chances of getting hurt at work.