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The power of asking questions at your doctor’s appointment

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When you are preparing to go visit your doctor in North Carolina, one of the best things you can do is to write down any questions that come to your mind. Walking into your appointment with a clear picture of what you wish to discuss can not only optimize the time you spend with your doctor, but it can enable you to verbalize your concerns with confidence that you have not forgotten anything important. Establishing open communication with your doctor can protect you and encourage accountability from your doctor.

The information you give to your doctor should be as thorough as possible. For example, if you have been experiencing symptoms, track when you are experiencing them and for how long. Make a comprehensive list of any medications you are taking and disclose how long you have been taking them for. Provide an honest and thorough health history. All of this information is critical to your doctor’s ability to provide an accurate and timely diagnosis.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, some of the most critical questions you can ask your doctor include how many times he or she has performed the procedure you are going to have and whether or not there are alternatives that may be considered. You can also ask about any complications or side effects that you should be watching for. If you are having any tests performed, ask about their purpose and what information you should expect to receive as a result of the tests.

When you are able to ask the right questions, you may feel more at ease about what is going to happen throughout your treatment, as well as be more educated about what signs to watch for that could indicate that something is amiss. Armed with the right information, you can better protect yourself from the dangers of malpractice. For more information, if you have been the victim of medical malpractice, visit our web page.