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What resuming work means for a person’s SSD benefits

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Social security disability benefits can provide significant support to people in North Carolina who have been disabled to the extent that working is no longer an option. Whether or not this suspension is temporary or permanent, injured persons will need to file an application with the Social Security Administration and wait for approval before benefits will begin.

Once approved, the Social Security Administration requires people to notify them if they are able to return to work. People who resume their job responsibilities without notifying the SSA and continue to collect their disability benefits are at risk of getting into legal trouble. Once people have been cleared by their employer to return to work, they should immediately notify the SSA. Other situations that require them to communicate developments to the SSA include if they need modifications or support to do their job as a result of their disability or if the nature of their responsibilities and how much they are paid has changed in regards to their disability.

U.S. News reminds people that just because they return to work does not necessarily mean they can no longer collect disability benefits. While there are some contingencies, people who are making less than $880 each month are still likely to receive at least partial benefits. Additional supports required for disabled people to perform their job can also be deducted from monthly earnings if they have been approved by the SSA.

If a person’s employer has granted them a trial period to test their ability to perform their responsibilities adequately, benefits will often apply during that time. Once that trial period ends and if that person’s employer clears them to resume their job in its entirety including applicable wages and benefits, disability benefits may be suspended permanently.