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Dealing with insurance companies after a collision

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People who’ve been in car collisions are usually approached by insurance company officials fairly quickly. North Carolina accident victims need to remember that those representatives work for the insurance company, not for them. It’s never a good idea to simply accept a first offer. Insurance companies know that accident victims are at a low point. Often, they’re trying to take advantage of them with a low-ball first offer.

The role of insurance in accidents

Most of the time, the party who’s actually at fault in an accident isn’t the one who pays a settlement. Instead, it’s their insurance company. The insurance company may have a contract with that person to cover expenses when they make a mistake. But insurance companies are also corporations that want to maximize their profits. If they can save money by paying accident victims less than they’re legally entitled to, that’s just what they’ll do.

The good news is that people who’ve been injured in car accidents have other options. Personal injury attorneys will represent them, so that they can get a better deal. Working with an attorney means that the injured party can get what they’re actually entitled to. Accident victims can also benefit from good legal advice in other ways.

For example, people hit by uninsured or underinsured drivers may be able to get compensation from their insurance company. It’s important for victims to understand their options. Injuries sustained in car accidents can require lots of expensive medical care. They can cause long absences from work and lost wages. A good attorney will advocate for their clients until they get the settlement they deserve.