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Tips for keeping a safe workplace

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Employees in North Carolina should know that to have a successful safety program, they need to work together and strive to live up to the standards already in place. Below are eight tips that safety-minded employees should keep in mind.

Awareness of surroundings and procedures

While heavy construction machinery presents some obvious hazards, even office workers could injure themselves on clutter. Whatever their situation, employees must be aware of their surroundings. Second, they should not be afraid to report unsafe conditions to their supervisor, who is legally obligated to provide a safe work environment. Next, employees should be aware of changes, such as the purchase of new machinery, that would require new procedures.

Correct posture and frequent breaks

Workers should take all the breaks allotted to them, even if they feel they don’t need them, because breaks are a source for rejuvenation. Fatigue means inattention, which increases the risk for an accident. Also, it’s best never to take shortcuts, especially when dealing with heavy machinery.

Some workers injure themselves because of poor posture, such as when lifting heavy objects. One must lift with the legs, not the back. Next, employees should remember to keep the emergency exit door free of clutter. The last bit of advice is to always wear the correct personal protective equipment. PPE ranges from earplugs and goggles to harnesses and chemical suits.

What to do after a workplace injury

Regardless of who is at fault, workplace accidents can form the basis for a workers’ compensation claim. The workers’ comp program can pay out benefits covering all medical bills as well as a portion of the wages you lost during your physical recovery. You may want a lawyer to explain the filing process in more detail and ensure that you receive all that you are entitled to.