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What are some of the most common warehouse accidents?

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Warehouses in North Carolina can be rife with safety hazards. Falling objects, lifting heavy boxes, trip hazards and improper use of equipment can all lead to accidents and fatalities. When an employee has to take time off, the warehouse’s productivity decreases and their profits start to drop. As a result, it’s in everyone’s best interest to adhere to safety regulations.

What are some of the most common warehouse accidents?

Improper use of a forklift is one of the most common warehouse accidents. Employees might drive into an obstacle, try to lift equipment that’s too heavy for the forklift or place a pallet on a damaged rack. Some employees have even injured or killed their fellow co-workers with a forklift. Injured employees might have to take time off and apply for workers’ comp. While following safety regulations can be tedious, it’s important to follow the regulations at all times.

Fires are less common, but they can be catastrophic if they’re not handled properly. Blocked exit doors can result in employees being trapped inside the warehouse. Additionally, if fire extinguishers aren’t strategically placed throughout the warehouse, the fire could quickly get out of control. Employees should regularly check their fire alarms to make sure they’re working and can alert everyone in case of a fire. They should also report any exposed wires, chemical spills and anything else that might cause an incident.

The best way for an employee to file a personal injury lawsuit

Most workplace accidents that cause severe personal injuries are preventable. But once an accident takes place, the victim might be feeling the effects for a lifetime. To receive compensation, an individual might wish to hire an attorney. A Charlotte workers compensation attorney might be able to help them apply for workers’ compensation and ensure that they’re getting a fair amount from their employer.