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What should parents tell their teenage drivers?

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Most parents in North Carolina can’t help but worry when their teenage son or daughter gets their driver’s license. Before their teenager hits the road, they should have a conversation with them to make sure they’re aware of the dangers on the highway. Here’s what parents should talk about with their teenage drivers.

What should parents talk about with their teenage drivers?

When most teenagers get their driver’s license, their first instinct is to take their friends out for a cruise. However, driving with friends can drastically increase their risk of getting into car accidents. Driving with friends can cause distractions and make them feel emboldened to take risks, which can lead to fatal accidents.

Parents should also remind their child to never use their cell phone while driving. Modern teenagers are more connected to social media than ever, and many find it tempting to pull out their phone while they’re on the highway. But distracted driving causes thousands of accidents every year. Parents should make sure their children are aware of the risk and advise them to put the phone away until they can pull over.

Additionally, teenagers shouldn’t drive alone at night until they’ve been driving for at least a few months. People can easily run into trouble when they’re driving alone, and teens are even more vulnerable because they have much less driving experience. They should stick to driving in daylight until they know they can handle varying road conditions.

What should parents do if their child is injured in a car accident?

If a parent’s child is injured in a car wreck, they might wish to hire an attorney to help them pursue compensation. An attorney might be able to help them file a lawsuit or negotiate with the other party’s insurance company.