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Mistakes that may prevent you from getting workers’ comp benefits

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An injury at work has limited your mobility, thus your ability to perform job-related duties. Your situation represents a prime example of when a person should pursue workers’ compensation benefits. How will you be able to provide for your family and pay your bills? Well, workers’ compensation, temporarily, will help you financially until you recuperate and return to work.

Now, though, is not the time to procrastinate in seeking these important benefits. You must take your situation seriously and get moving to secure workers’ compensation benefits. Any missteps along the way might prevent you from getting the benefits that you deserve. Do not jeopardize your chances.

Not seeking medical treatment right away.

Among the main things to remember when seeking workers’ compensation benefits is not becoming an obstacle to yourself and your family. Get out of your own way because you do not want to stumble and discover that you will not receive the benefits.

Avoiding mistakes is crucial, and here are some of the biggest ones:

  • Failing to report your injury right away: Do not wait. Not only is procrastination detrimental to your health, but also in your chances of receiving workers’ compensation benefits. A delay may make it appear to your employer that you suffered the injury away from work.
  • Not promptly seeking medical treatment: Toughing out a workplace injury is not the thing to do. When you sense something is alarmingly wrong, see your doctor immediately. Once again, delaying this action could lead to your employer’s insurance company not believing that your injury occurred at work.
  • Discussing your situation on the phone with your employer’s insurance company: On the surface, your employer’s insurance company may seem sympathetic. However, it is looking out for your employer and not you. The insurance company may surreptitiously record your conversation and manipulate you, too.
  • Not applying for workers’ compensation benefits: If you suffer a workplace injury, please pursue the proper steps in seeking workers’ compensation benefits.

Please understand that your injury prevents you from working and that you, as a worker, have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits. Make it your mission by giving it your utmost priority. Contact a Charlotte workers compensation attorney today for help.