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Can you spot reckless drivers?

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It is easy to take your safety for granted while driving. After months or years of not being in an accident, it is natural to begin overlooking signs of possible danger on the road. This kind of oversight can become dangerous and costly in the long run.

A car accident can cost a victim thousands of dollars in medical expenses, property damage, lost income and other incidental costs. Additionally, catastrophic injuries can leave you hurt or worse for years or longer. When the consequences of a car accident can be so devastating, it is important to know the signs of a reckless or negligent driver, so here are three typical signs of a dangerous driver:

Swerving or drifting

When drivers begin to show difficulties staying in their own lane, they can quickly become a threat to those around them. This kind of behavior may be because of any number of distractions, but they can all cause lifelong consequences.

Cell phone usage

When a diver is actively using their phone to either talk or text, they give up their attention to the road. This kind of distraction can be equivalent to driving blindfolded for hundreds of yards or more.


Speeding drivers may be one of the hardest kinds of reckless drivers to spot. When they are ahead of you, they are already speeding down the road, but when they are behind you, you only have moments to notice them before they enter your area. It is important to regularly look at your mirrors to help you avoid these reckless drivers.

Stay cautious on the road

It only takes a moment for another driver to harm you with their poor driving habits when you are driving. Take extra precautions by keeping your eye on the road in front of you as well as the cars around you. You cannot stop someone from driving recklessly, but you can work to avoid the accidents they may cause by watching out for the drivers around you.