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How to report a workplace injury

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A work-related injury may hinder your ability to earn a paycheck for your family, leading to days, weeks and even months of missed time on the job. That means no income. However, you can file for workers’ compensation benefits.

But in filing for these benefits, you must report your injury, which comprises some important steps. Doing so will help you support your case and secure these much-needed funds.

Tell employer and health care provider

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to report your workplace injury:

  • Seek medical attention whether from an on-site health center, off-site health care provider designated by your employer or at a hospital emergency room or your primary care physician.
  • No matter how minor the injury, report it to your employer. If your condition prevents you from reporting the injury, get a family member or trusted friend to do this right away. Also, report the incident with a reliable witness present. This person – ideally a trustworthy coworker – can provide supporting evidence if your employer challenges the injury claim.
  • Share all details related to your injury with your health care provider. Also, provide the name of your employer. Doing so permits health care providers to bill treatment-related expenses as a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Within 30 days of your injury, provide a written report of your work-related injury to your employer. This should include a description of the incident and your injury along with the date and place where it occurred. Retain a copy of the letter for your records.
  • Follow treatment guidelines provided by your physician. You need to show that you are trying to improve.

Your goal is to secure workers’ compensation benefits. The process starts with you reporting the injury.

Protect yourself

If you fail to report a work injury in a timely manner, your employer may attempt to deny you from receiving workers’ compensation benefits. By reporting the injury, you may avoid potential problems such as an employer claiming your injury was not work-related. You also protect yourself. Contact a Charlotte workers’ compensation attorney for help.