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What Are the Most Common Industrial Accidents?

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Working in any industrial environment carries an inherent degree of risk. Most people who work in factories, refineries, assembly facilities, and other industrial workplaces are required to use protective equipment, wear specific types of protective clothing, and adhere to workplace safety regulations at all times. Unfortunately, workplace injuries can and do happen in industrial settings regularly, often leading to expensive medical bills, lost income from missed time at work, and potential financial implications for affected employees’ employers.

The attorneys at Ayers, Whitlow & Dressler routinely represent injured workers suffering from all types of damages from workplace injuries. Many of our past cases arose from injuries sustained in industrial work environments. So, whether your employer is cooperative and you expect minimal difficulty in securing the workers’ compensation benefits you need, or you expect a more protracted legal battle in recovering from your industrial accident, we can help.

What are the most common industrial accidents?

Most Commonly Reported Workplace Accidents in Industrial Workplaces

Everyone working in an industrial setting must follow all their workplace’s safety policies at all times. Additionally, there are likely to be federal and state-level regulations that apply to these workplaces, and it is essential for all workers and their employers to follow these regulations carefully. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the most cautious workers, industrial accidents do happen, often resulting in severe injuries. A few of the most commonly reported workplace accidents in industrial work environments include:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents, which account for most of the workplace injuries reported across all industries each year.
  • Heavy equipment injuries. Any type of heavy equipment can potentially cause traumatic injuries, even crushing injuries or amputating injuries.
  • Vehicle accidents. Some industrial workplaces require the use of specialized work vehicles. Accidents involving these vehicles can easily cause a host of injuries.
  • Illness from toxic exposure. Some industrial work environments require the use of certain chemicals that can be harmful with brief or prolonged exposure. As a result, some workers may suffer acute illness from coming into contact with certain substances, while others develop chronic medical conditions over time from repeated exposure.
  • Injuries from falling objects. Many industrial workplaces are spacious, with workers performing their duties on multiple floors in open environments. As a result, falling objects can easily cause serious head injuries, even when proper hard hats are worn.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the ways a person might suffer an injury while working in any industrial work environment. However, whenever such an injury occurs, the injured employee should seek medical treatment immediately, and their employer has various legal obligations in this situation as well. In addition, they must document the incident and provide the injured worker with any materials needed for them to file their claim for workers’ compensation.

The attorneys at Ayers, Whitlow & Dressler are ready to assist you with your recovery after an industrial accident. We have years of experience guiding clients through the workers’ compensation claim process and resolving related legal issues with their employers and their insurance companies. Depending on the nature and severity of your injury and who is responsible for causing it, you could have grounds for further legal action outside of the workers’ compensation claim filing process. Whatever your case entails, you can rest assured that our team can answer your legal questions and help you approach your recovery process with greater confidence and peace of mind.


Q: What Is the #1 Cause of Employee Injury?

A: Throughout the United States, in all industrial workplaces, as well as all other workplaces, slip-and-fall accidents are the leading cause of employee injuries, missed days from work, and workers’ compensation claims throughout the country. Slip-and-fall incidents can happen in countless ways, and the resulting harm from this type of incident can entail permanent injury.

Q: What Causes 90% of All Workplace Injuries?

A: According to available data regarding workplace injuries in the US, human error causes roughly 90% of all workplace accidents. Therefore, it’s important to remember that if you caused your own injury through an error made in good faith, this should not disqualify you from workers’ compensation benefits. However, if your error was the result of gross negligence, intentional misconduct, or willful refusal to follow workplace safety procedures, you might be disqualified from receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

Q: What Is the Most Common Cause of Fatal Workplace Injury?

A: Falls account for not only most of the work-related injuries throughout the US but also most of the fatalities that occur in industrial workplaces. Any fall has the potential to cause life-threatening medical complications for a victim, and if the victim dies, their family would likely have the right to seek death benefits through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Q: What Should I Do After an Injury at Work?

A: In the event that you suffer a serious injury at work, such as a fall or other injury, it is crucial that you report the injury to your employer immediately. They must create a formal incident report of your accident, and you will need this report later for a workers’ compensation claim. In addition, after receiving medical care, you should reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible so they can help you determine your best options for recovering your damages.

Q: Is It Worth Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney After an Industrial Accident?

A: While the workers’ compensation claim filing process may seem straightforward enough at first, the reality is that many issues can arise with your claim, and it’s necessary to have an experienced attorney guide you through the complex proceedings you face. In addition, your attorney can make filing your claim much easier, and they may reveal avenues of additional recovery that you did not know were available to you.

The attorneys at Ayers, Whitlow & Dressler have years of experience helping our clients recover from workplace injuries. We take time to develop individualized legal strategies for every client we represent, and we know the challenges that you are likely to face in your pursuit of compensation after an industrial workplace accident. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the legal services we provide.