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What Is the Most Common Cause of Workers’ Compensation Claims?

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Many workers in North Carolina are entitled to workers’ compensation. Companies that must carry workers’ comp insurance under state law have a responsibility to provide coverage and financial assistance to employees who are injured on the job. Workers’ comp claims happen all the time for various reasons, so you may be wondering, “What is the most common cause of workers’ compensation claims?” A Concord workers’ compensation attorney can help you find out.

What is the most common cause of workers compensation claims?

The Most Common Cause of Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers’ comp injury claims can wind up being costly for the company and their insurance providers, but they are necessary to help injured employees stay afloat during their recovery period. There are many different types of workers’ comp claims, all of which are the result of injuries, illnesses, or deaths that stem from an incident at the workplace. A workers’ comp lawyer can help you determine your course of action and whether your job is exempt or not.

The most common cause of workers’ compensation claims is workplace strains. Repetitive stress injuries and muscle strains make up a large portion of workers’ compensation claims in the country. Nearly every job available to people requires a certain amount of muscle strain, whether it’s lifting heavy boxes in a warehouse or straining your wrist from repetitive computer usage in an office.

Preventing repetitive stress injuries is possible by simply allowing yourself to take breaks during your shift. Stretch once in a while to loosen up your joints, which can reduce the level of strain you are putting on your body.

The Costliest Cause of Workers’ Comp Claims

The costliest cause of workers’ compensation claims in the nation is a simple slip and fall. It may sound innocuous, but slipping on a wet floor and falling on your face or back can lead to a serious injury. Slips and falls have accounted for over several billion dollars in workers’ comp claims per year in the United States.

It is fairly easy to prevent workplace slips and falls. The simplest way is to ensure that the floor of your workplace is kept clean and free of hazards. You could provide your employees with proper fall protection if slips and falls have become a frequent occurrence. Regardless, employers have to take the proper precautions to deal with the aftermath of a slip and fall, as they are quite common in almost every workplace in the country.

Other Causes of Workers’ Comp Claims

Slips and falls are far from the only considerable source of workers’ comp claims. Accidents happen all the time and for different reasons. Understanding the common hazards that are causing workers’ comp claims in North Carolina and other states in the nation is crucial to enacting preventative measures. Here are two of the more common causes:

Cuts, Lacerations, and Puncture Wounds

In the manufacturing industry and many construction sites, a frequent cause of workplace injury is cuts and lacerations. Getting cut can create rough situations in the workplace, especially if the cut is severe. Getting cut on the hands can especially cause strife, as most employees are unable to keep working if their hands are injured. Broken glass, box cutters, jagged edges, and unsafe equipment can all lead to lacerations that may be bad enough to require workers’ comp.

Falling Objects

Getting struck in the head by a falling object accounts for many workers’ comp claims per year. It’s one of the leading causes of death on construction sites. If you work in an area that has a substantial risk of getting hit on the head by something, take extra care to be aware of your surroundings.


Q: What Is the Most Common Workers’ Comp Claim?

A: The most common workers’ comp claim in the United States is workplace strain. Muscle strains caused by repetitive stress injuries are very real and quite common in most workplaces. They usually happen due to an employee overexerting themselves while on the job, such as when lifting heavy boxes or putting too much strain on one’s back. They can heal, but they may require some form of physical therapy or rehabilitation. These injuries can be prevented largely by stretching or simple rest.

Q: What Is the Most Common Type of Injury That Leads to Serious Workers’ Compensation Claims?

A: The most common type of injury that leads to serious workers’ compensation claims is a simple slip and fall. Slipping and falling on the job is common and costly, and it could result in serious injury in certain cases. Losing your footing and landing wrong could wind up costing your company quite a bit in workers’ comp insurance. You can avoid a slip and fall by making sure that the floors are always clean and free of hazards, as well as by wearing non-slip footwear while on the job.

Q: Why Is Workers’ Comp So Hard to Deal With?

A: The main reason why workers’ comp can be so hard to deal with is that it involves money. Insurance companies’ primary goal is to pay you as little as they possibly can. That includes drawing out the settlement process, offering you low amounts, and denying your claim outright. That’s why it is so important to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer. An experienced lawyer can guide you through the process and make sure you are not taken advantage of.

Q: How Long Do Most Workers’ Comp Settlements Take?

A: The amount of time that a workers’ comp settlement can take to finalize depends entirely on the facts of your specific case. Some workers’ comp cases are settled in just a few weeks. Others can take months or even years to work out the details. If an agreement cannot be reached with the insurance company, it will take longer to settle the case. Having an experienced workers’ comp lawyer on your side could help the process move along.

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