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Advisory speed limits could prevent rear-end accidents

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Warning signs placed near highway construction zones in North Carolina and around the country usually advise drivers to slow down, but posting advisory speed limits instead would be far more effective according to a research team from the University of Missouri. The researchers were looking for simple ways to prevent…

Common low-ball tactics used by insurers

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Busy city streets and winding mountain roads in North Carolina all add up to a strong potential for car accidents that cause injuries and property damage. If you are injured in a car accident, you may experience an auto insurer trying one of the following common low-ball tactics to settle…

Truck driver fatigue causes and effects

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North Carolina drivers have good reason to be cautious when traveling alongside big rigs. One of the greatest safety threats that commercial truck drivers face virtually every day is drowsiness. Drowsy driving is a form of negligent behavior that significantly raises the risk for a crash, and one can easily…

Survey results on the most common car crash causes

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Every year in North Carolina and across the U.S., there are more than six million car crashes and an average of 40,000 fatalities. The majority of crashes are due to some form of negligence, as one will see in the list below of the most common types of car accidents.…

Fatigued driving, drunk driving similarly dangerous

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The dangers of driving while intoxicated are well-known, and most drivers wouldn’t dare get behind the wheel while drunk. Research has shown, though, that driving while fatigued may be nearly as dangerous even though it does not carry the same stigma. Fatigued or drowsy driving in North Carolina can significantly…

Keeping teen drivers safe: 5 tips for parents

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Handing over the car keys to a newly licensed driver is a significant milestone for teens and parents alike. As a parent, if you lay awake worrying about your teen’s newfound independence and the risks it poses, you’re not alone. And you’re not crazy. The data shows that your worries…

What should parents tell their teenage drivers?

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Most parents in North Carolina can’t help but worry when their teenage son or daughter gets their driver’s license. Before their teenager hits the road, they should have a conversation with them to make sure they’re aware of the dangers on the highway. Here’s what parents should talk about with…

Dealing with insurance companies after a collision

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People who’ve been in car collisions are usually approached by insurance company officials fairly quickly. North Carolina accident victims need to remember that those representatives work for the insurance company, not for them. It’s never a good idea to simply accept a first offer. Insurance companies know that accident victims…

What are your options after a distracted driving accident?

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When driving, you likely do your best to remain focused on the road and your surroundings. Yet, you might have little trust that other motorists will do the same. With the advent of smartphones, distracted driving is on the rise. Nowadays, nearly one in 10 fatal crashes involve motorists who were not…

Hit by a truck? Get compensated for your spinal injury

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You were driving on your way to a client’s house for work when the unexpected happened: A truck heading your way didn’t stop for a red light, and it plowed straight into your driver’s side door. Your vehicle spun several times, and you found that you couldn’t get out of…