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Choose the best worksite shoes

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No shirt, no shoes, no service. Sometimes your shoes don’t seem as important as the shirt and the service, but don’t be fooled. The type of shoes you wear to work can make a huge impact on your quality of work and your safety. In some jobs, not wearing the…

Easing the pain caused by bursitis

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It’s a normal day on the job, but something doesn’t feel right. You might experience an extra amount of pain while doing tasks you’ve done before, without a problem. Maybe your shoulder feels stiff and you’re unable to rotate it, or your hands begin to cramp up. Gradually, the pain…

New research finds asbestos deaths are underreported

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The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) recently announced new findings regarding asbestos-related deaths. According to ADAO, the number of asbestos-related deaths has more than doubled from the previous estimate, totaling more than 39,000 deaths in the U.S. annually. The asbestos problem is not going away. It is instead getting worse in…

Study: opioid prescriptions elongate work-injury leaves

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When you suffer an on-the-job injury at your Charlotte workplace, the first thing on your mind is getting medical attention to ease the pain and to begin the healing process. A new study shows injured workers spend more time recuperating from their injuries when they receive long-term opioid prescriptions. Researchers…

Behavioral health issues raise risk of workplace injury for women

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Over the past several decades, the percentage of women in the paid workforce has steadily increased. With increased participation comes the risk of sustaining workplace injuries that require medical care, time off from the job to recuperate and workers’ compensation benefits. A recent study points out that women who suffer depression,…

North Carolina workplace deaths down last year

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The North Carolina Department of Labor recently released some mixed news about workplace safety. In the 2017 fiscal year, workplace deaths declined dramatically in Charlotte and across the rest of the state. Though the drop is welcome, if even one person loses their life while working, that’s one too many.…

‘Tis the season for worker injuries

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Just about everyone is busy as Christmas approaches. Busy shopping, putting up decorations, baking cookies, wrapping gifts and so on. It’s a busy time of year in Charlotte and around the world, that’s for sure. As busy as you are, holiday seasonal workers are even busier trying to make customers…

Poultry workers fear retaliation for reporting workplace injuries

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Poultry production is North Carolina’s leading agricultural industry, accounting for more than $34 billion and 100,000 jobs statewide. In fact, neighboring Union County is the second leading poultry-producing county in the state, surpassed only by Duplin. Unfortunately, workers at meat and poultry processing plants are reluctant to tell inspectors about on-the-job…

Giving thanks for poultry industry’s injury rate decline

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Poultry processing is one of North Carolina agriculture’s growing segments, bringing in to our state billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs. When the Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says occupational injuries and illnesses are down in the poultry sector, it’s good news for us. BLS’s recently…

Making the world safer, not more dangerous

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Since the dawn of time, humans have developed ever more sophisticated technology with which to fight. From sticks and stones to clubs, guns, tanks, ships, jets and more, humans have always pushed to develop more protective defenses and more lethal weapons. We read recently of a robotics company that has…