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Sometimes you need an advocate to claim the benefits you deserve

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“I’m OK!” How many times have you heard someone say that right after getting into an accident at work? Perhaps you have even said it yourself. Indeed, at the time it may even seem to be the truth; you spring back up, you do not seem to feel any unusual…

How Social Security disability works

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You may be familiar with workers’ compensation benefits in North Carolina, but there is also a separate system to compensate people who have been injured in their employment: Social Security disability. This post covers some of the characteristics of how you may qualify for Social Security disability, and what it…

Many workplace accidents prevalent and preventable

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According to a new report released by the National Council on Occupational Safety and Health, workplace injuries are far too common in North Carolina and around the country. More than 50,000 employees die each year as a result of injuries sustained on the job. This is quite upsetting, considering the…

North Carolina employers recognized for safe workplace conditions

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While we often hear about the negative sides to workplace safety, North Carolina Department of Labor recently celebrated one county’s companies, which have made workplace safety a top priority. The Labor Commissioner recognized the companies for putting their employees’ health first by doing whatever they can to make sure employees…

Government workplace injury data plan raises privacy concerns

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Every worker in North Carolina is entitled to a safe work environment. Employers are required by law to provide this. Information can be a crucial part of improving safety conditions at work. Consequently, the federal government is proposing that specific data on workplace injuries be made available online. The Occupational…

North Carolina hospital workers call for safer conditions

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When most people hear the term work accident, images of industrialized work environments, such as factories and laboratories, may come to mind. It is easy to imagine suffering a workplace injury in a workplace that contains an abundance of dangerous machines or chemicals. However, workers at a one North Carolina mental hospital are upset…

Workers hurt in explosion are entitled to workers’ compensation

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When an explosion occurs at a workplace, the problem is generally approached on two levels. First, the injured workers in a North Carolina work accident or elsewhere are taken to safety and treated medically. The medical care of the injured is thus first priority. In that connection, each worker or his or her…

North Carolina fair causes work injury to man taking down ride

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When a North Carolina employee goes to work, the last thing he or she expects is to get hurt. Workplace injuries are actually becoming more common for many employees, though. With more of these incidents occurring, workers’ compensation claims have been growing as well. A recent case of a North Carolina employee…