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North Carolina hospital workers call for safer conditions

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When most people hear the term work accident, images of industrialized work environments, such as factories and laboratories, may come to mind. It is easy to imagine suffering a workplace injury in a workplace that contains an abundance of dangerous machines or chemicals. However, workers at a one North Carolina mental hospital are upset…

Workers hurt in explosion are entitled to workers’ compensation

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When an explosion occurs at a workplace, the problem is generally approached on two levels. First, the injured workers in a North Carolina work accident or elsewhere are taken to safety and treated medically. The medical care of the injured is thus first priority. In that connection, each worker or his or her…

North Carolina fair causes work injury to man taking down ride

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When a North Carolina employee goes to work, the last thing he or she expects is to get hurt. Workplace injuries are actually becoming more common for many employees, though. With more of these incidents occurring, workers’ compensation claims have been growing as well. A recent case of a North Carolina employee…