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February 2017 Archives

Husband killed, wife injured in North Carolina truck crash

No one knows what he was thinking in his last moments, but we do know that he was with the woman he loved. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol says a 68-year-old man was in the passenger seat and his wife was in the driver's seat when their vehicle was rammed by a tractor-trailer on N.C. 11. The 18-wheeler that hit the car had been struck moments earlier by another tractor-trailer.

Proposed North Carolina law would bar driving with pet on your lap

You have probably seen it as you are driving around Charlotte: a dog sitting on a driver's lap. It might very well look like a cute way for a pet lover to get around town, but it could soon be a violation of state law.

Telecommuting and workers’ compensation

Telecommuting is an industry term for “work from home.” Companies began experimenting with telecommuting as the Internet matured and enabled workers to access their work files from home. It was believed that telecommuting would be the future, companies could be composed of people from all over the world who collaborated on projects. The reality is a little more complicated, including, who is liable for your injuries if you telecommute. This post will go over the basics of workers’ compensation and its intersection with at-home injuries.

How does Social Security work?

Social Security (or Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance) is the primary social safety net program in the United States. It provides benefits to retirees, people who are disabled and unable to work, and benefits to survivors whose primary breadwinners passed away (survivor benefits to children of deceased parents). The goal of Social Security is to ensure that these groups, the most vulnerable to poverty, are not abandoned by society.

Distracted truck driver caused fatal North Carolina highway wreck

Survivors of that late October 2014 day wonder what the trucker was thinking that day. More important, they wonder what was distracting him as he drove his big rig on U.S. 52, about an hour and a half north of Charlotte.

North Carolina pedestrian fatalities: How do they compare?

With the exception of highways, everywhere there are cars you are bound to find pedestrians. In the event of an accident, those on foot can suffer much more severe injuries than those in vehicles. And all too often, pedestrian injuries can become fatal.

Does your carpal tunnel qualify for workers' compensation?

Certain kinds of workplace injuries are relatively easy to claim. Injuries caused by machinery or a fall at work often include witnesses and a traumatic event that make your claim to workers' compensation relatively easy to prove.

What behaviors cause the most North Carolina fatal car accidents?

Automobile accidents happen every day. Unfortunately, too many of them end in fatalities. As you drive by these crashes, you may wonder what circumstances led to this tragedy. Was it a simple driver error? Or was careless or reckless behavior involved?

North Carolina widow tells court of pain of loss

The pain she struggles with every day is evident in her words. She says she cries herself to sleep every night because she misses her husband. The 66-year-old retired teacher was killed as he rode his bicycle on a road about 150 miles northeast of Charlotte.

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