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May 2017 Archives

After car crash, much of his life has been changed forever

Three months ago, he was a blue-collar guy who enjoyed skateboarding and going out on the water near his coastal North Carolina home. In the aftermath of a February car crash, he cannot feel anything from his waist down and is trying to figure out how to pick his baby daughter up out of her crib.

Fighting for the rights and independence of disabled Americans

Some of our North Carolina law blog readers might not be familiar with Jim Sensebrenner. The unassuming Wisconsin congressman has been in the House of Representatives since Jimmy Carter was president. One of Sensebrenner's major causes over those decades of service has been his dedication to the creation of legal protections for disabled Americans.

Two little girls killed in North Carolina tractor-trailer crashes

A Charlotte TV station recently reported on a fiery, deadly crash involving 18-wheelers on a North Carolina interstate. A family of four – including two young girls – was killed when a tractor-trailer hit their vehicle on I-95 just north of the South Carolina border.

No warning: Life with disability and without work

It was an ordinary day for 46-year-old Mark Schuh. The painting business owner was working alongside an employee in a custom home. He decided to take some 100-pound doors to his shop for a coat of stain, so he and his employee loaded them into a work trailer. It was then that his life changed forever.

Minor injuries: pregnant pedestrian with stroller hit by car

Perhaps it was coincidence that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police were out warning pedestrians crossing streets to be careful and to obey the law. And maybe the officers were doing that because of an incident earlier that day in which a pregnant woman pushing a baby stroller was struck by a vehicle.

Crane collapses crowd list of worst construction accidents

Recent reports indicate that North Carolina's construction industry is on solid footing and that it can expect steady growth this year and in the near future. While that is good news for the state's economy and construction workers, it must also be acknowledged that some of those workers will suffer injuries in an industry plagued by safety issues and accidents.

Best ways to avoid parking lot accidents

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us. With that, we all want to get to a store and pick up gifts for the special ladies in our lives. Indeed,  we all want to get in and out of shopping centers as quickly and expeditiously as we can, but in doing so, we will invariably run into careless people (literally and figuratively).

The future of truck drivers on America's roads

The next time you pass a semi-truck on the highway, you may not consider whether someone is actually driving it. After all, human beings have been behind the wheel of the largest vehicles on the road since they were introduced to American highways. Nevertheless, that may change in the near future.

Part II: Be aware that May is Mental Health Awareness Month

As regular readers of our North Carolina Law Blog know, we recently wrote about Mental Health Awareness Month. Throughout May, advocates and organizations will be working hard to raise awareness, empathy, understanding and respect for those dealing with mental health issues.

Could your car have a counterfeit airbag?

The fallout stemming from defective Takata airbags affected a number of prominent automakers, including General Motors, BMW, Nissan and Toyota. The discovery prompted recalls of millions of vehicles and is still being felt today.  Of course, no automaker wants to have a car that has an airbag that shoots shrapnel into drivers’ faces when it deploys. After all, what is supposed to be a life-saving device should not be a weapon that takes lives. 

Man dragged from United flight to receive tax-free compensation

The images of a dazed and disheveled man being dragged off of a United Airlines flight will likely stay with us for quite some time. The airline came to a settlement with Dr. David Dao, the passenger who was forcibly removed to make room for United personnel.

Be aware that May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so from Charlotte to California and from Chicago to Chattanooga and beyond, organizations are doing all they can to make people aware of the need for increasing understanding and respect for those living with mental health issues.

There's an app to help distracted drivers

While we are years’ removed from Apple’s “there’s an app for that” advertising campaign, we are still amazed by the different apps that help us with our everyday lives. Indeed, sometimes we may wonder what we would without some apps, or reminisce about how we got by in the past without them.

North Carolina mom coping with daughters' deaths in highway crash

Regular readers of our blog know that we recently wrote in this space about the pair of North Carolina sisters who were tragically killed in a head-on collision on an interstate highway in Arizona. The mother of the young women earlier this month flew to Phoenix to accept her older daughter's college degree.

Researchers aim to solve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome mysteries

The goal of medical research is to expand knowledge, improve treatments and find cures. While cures can take years and enormous commitments of time and money, the search can often provide drug enhancements and other advances that can enable doctors to more effectively treat patients.

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