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June 2017 Archives

SSDI income is taxed at varying rates

The cycling of money through the Social Security system can be confusing. Forbes recently undertook to explain one facet of it: the several ways in which Social Security Disability Insurance income can be taxed by the same federal government that writes SSDI benefits checks.

Speed, drunkenness, mayhem on a North Carolina morning

If you take Interstate 85 northeast of Charlotte, you will soon come to Salisbury. A recent motor vehicle crash there combined several elements common in serious accidents: an allegedly drunk driver, high speeds and poor judgment. The result was a three-car crash that caused injuries to motorists.

Smoke clears around source of added pain

One of the worst injuries a person can suffer is to their spinal cord. The effects of the injury depend, of course, on severity, but also on which vertebrae is damaged. According to new research, there is evidence showing that pain is worsened in people with spinal cord injury by a substance well known for the damage it causes to humans: cigarette smoke.

Distracted trucker accidently shoots himself

We have heard of North Carolina truck drivers who have done dangerous things that they shouldn't while they are behind the wheels of their big rigs. Some truckers have caused accidents while being distracted by their phone (texting, email, etc.) and some by the GPS system on their truck's dashboard. Others have had their focus diverted by food and drink, conversations, the radio and the like.

Doctor: Here's why some injured workers don't claim workers' comp

A recent article by a family physician details issues he sees frequently with workers who come to his clinic with injuries they have sustained on the job. The doctor cited the case of a construction worker who had a concrete slab fall on his back and neck.

Going without: Disabled Americans often struggle to get good food

We see the stories in Charlotte news media and in articles and broadcast reports from newspapers and broadcasters from around the nation: skewed portrayals of the lives of people forced to give up work and apply for disability benefits. So many of these reports present political opinions rather than accurate descriptions of people struggling with illness or injury and trying to get by on SSDI.

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