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July 2017 Archives

Prescription opioid use driving car accident rates higher

Law enforcement officials in Charlotte and across the state of North Carolina have repeatedly said that like much of the nation, we are in the midst of an opioid epidemic. Police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and other civil servants say that public safety is far too often put at risk by people high on opioids.

North Carolina workers lauded for millions of safe work hours

It's less than an hour's drive west from Charlotte to the place where America's underwear is boxed, bagged, stamped and shipped. The HanesBrands Canterbury Distribution Center ships not only Hanes products, but also Playtex and Just My Size items as well to retailers around the nation.

North Carolina man killed in crash triggered by fallen recliner

It is sometimes said of tragedies that the victim was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. While that saying undoubtedly has some validity in certain situations, in other circumstances it is much too easily on the person whose recklessness makes a particular moment "the wrong time" and a particular spot "the wrong place."

Plenty of work to do to fix Social Security Disability backlog

The United States has a seemingly endless supply of problems, including issues related to the economy, terrorism, infrastructure, education and more. One of the headaches we face is "ensuring the financial stability and service levels of the entire Social Security system," states a recent editorial by political news publication The Hill.

Construction injuries can take all forms

Every year, insurance reports, government data and news reports all point toward an inescapable conclusion: construction is a dangerous line of work. Though construction site injuries can happen suddenly, they can also involve serious damage to the back, neck, head and limbs that require long periods of recuperation.

Helping hands in health care industry can get hurt, too

Earlier this year, a North Carolina business journal listed the 10 jobs expected to grow fastest in our state in 2017. Five of the top 10 were in the health care industry and included jobs such as nurse practitioner, physical therapy assistant and physician assistant. Health care positions also include many other jobs in hospitals, emergency care, dental offices, birthing centers and more.

Car vaults into air in highway crash northeast of Charlotte

If you have driven northeast of Charlotte on Highway 601 North in Cabarrus County, you likely passed some of the scenery you can see whizzing by in a video that has gone viral in social media. The 3 and a half minute video shows a driver careening from side to side on the highway, sometimes directly into the path of oncoming traffic, before the vehicle veers off the road, hits a bump and vaults into the air before smashing headlong into a tree.

Slow down: work ahead on North Carolina streets and highways

It's an annual tradition: the streets and highways leading in and out of Charlotte slow down as the summer construction season grinds on. Sometimes sections of I-85, I-77 and I-277 seem like the slowest routes to take because of construction work zones.

SSDI approval process: slow and difficult

The odds and waits are long, but Social Security Disability Insurance applicants usually have little choice but to take their chances with the federal program. The odds of approval are less than 50-50, according to a recent National Public Radio report. (Charlotte's NPR station is WFAE.)

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