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November 2017 Archives

Study looks at who is most likely to drive while distracted

It bleeps, buzzes, blinks and rings. Your phone wants your attention and it has all sorts of tricks to get it. The problem is that our phones, tablets and in-dash entertainment centers are often pulling our attention away from the road and traffic while we drive.

Giving thanks for poultry industry's injury rate decline

Poultry processing is one of North Carolina agriculture's growing segments, bringing in to our state billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs. When the Dept. of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says occupational injuries and illnesses are down in the poultry sector, it's good news for us.

One of the hardest parts of an SSDI claim is the wait

The headline is jolting, troubling and sad all at the same time: "Suddenly disabled, unable to work and need benefits? Prepare for financial ruin first." The headline is also, as many Charlotte residents understand, all too often accurate.

The three Ds of holiday driving: drunk, distracted and drowsy

It has been a long, interesting 2017, to say the least, and the year is starting to draw to a close. The holiday season is ready to kick off with Thanksgiving and turkey. Before you start visiting family and friends around Charlotte, please be aware that this is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road.

Universal design: it's for everyone

Some things are intentionally and appropriately exclusive. Think of the honor roll, various halls of fame and MENSA, for example. While few would argue that it's improper for those institutions to be exclusive, society has come to understand just as clearly that other things should be inclusive.

Inspections help remove problem rigs from Charlotte's interstates

As everyone who has driven on Interstate 77 knows, traffic can move at a crawl during Charlotte's rush hours and up to the speed limit (and beyond) for the rest of the work day and on weekends. Imagine your surprise if you were driving on I-77 behind an 18-wheeler, as Zachary Hooker was this past summer, when one of the truck's massive tires popped off and landed right in front of him.

Construction firms highlight list of America's safest companies

The safest companies in the U.S. come in all sizes and shapes. From an analytic laboratory to petroleum waste management and from electrical engineering to office furniture manufacturing and beyond, the companies on the annual EHS Today list share a commitment to worker safety.

Hazardous to your health: Hazmat carriers

We have written here on our North Carolina law blog about the dangers posed to the average Charlotte motorist by large commercial vehicles. Tractor-trailers are long, heavy, slow to stop and difficult to maneuver. Commercial truck crashes often have dire results for those in passenger vehicles: catastrophic injuries and death are far too common.

November is American Diabetes Month

Although Charlotte media hasn't paid a lot of attention to it, November is American Diabetes Month. The goal is to raise awareness of diabetes and to raise funds that will provide research dedicated to finding a cure. By doing so, we can help improve life for the more than 30 million Americans who have diabetes.

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