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Family may be entitled to workers’ compensation after miner dies

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There are different types of jobs all around the state of North Carolina. Many of them are average desk jobs or even fast food. Although the majority of jobs are considered safe, there are an abundance that can pose risk to employees if proper precautions are not met. A miner…

Walmart still hasn’t paid for 5-year-old death claims

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Retail workers of North Carolina are likely aware of what a hectic time Black Friday can be. With the holiday madness and outrageously low prices on gifts, it’s enough to bring out the worst in people — and it often does. The people often hear about pushing through lines and…

Many North Carolina businesses appealing those injured on the job

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The worst thing any North Carolina family can go through, is to have the sole bread-winner of the family injured on the job — or even killed. Livelihood is taken away, and many families are left struggling until workers’ compensation benefits kick in. When a death or injury takes place in a working environment,…

Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Benefits

In some cases, an applicant’s SSD benefits will be reduced if they are receiving workers’ compensation benefits. The Social Security Administration does not allow a person to receive combined workers’ compensation and SSD benefits that exceed 80 percent of the individual’s average current earnings prior to the onset date of…

What the government shutdown means for workplace safety

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Workplace safety is extremely important to workers in Charlotte. We rely on employers to adhere to federal safety regulations, and we expect federal agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to keep an eye on employers to ensure that they are following the rules. In the midst of a…

Why the insurance company is suspicious of your claim

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When you pursue a worker’s compensation claim you may begin to feel like both your Employer and the insurance company are questioning whether you were really hurt or the seriousness of your injury.  We have some clients who say the questioning led them to believe the company or the insurance adjustor…

Before fall harvest, NC farms look for new safety strategies

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Every year in North Carolina we hear about a few farming accidents. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, agriculture is the most dangerous industry in the country. Each year approximately 21 people in every 100,000 die on the job. That amounts to 475 farm-related deaths each year.…