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Why car insurance fails those with spinal cord injuries

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Vehicle collisions occur every day in North Carolina, and most of them just cause property damage. Some cause minor to moderate injuries. Unfortunately, a handful of crashes will result in serious injuries to the people in one or more of the vehicles involved. Some crashes even kill people. Spinal cord…

When is an illness severe enough to qualify you for SSDI benefits?

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Chronic medical conditions, degenerative diseases and even acquired illnesses can all have a drastic impact on your quality of life. You may not be able to keep doing the job you once did. In fact, you may need regular medical support just to comply with your treatment plan for your…

Yes, your office job could lead to carpal tunnel

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If you find yourself working at your desk every day, you might notice that your hands don’t work quite like they used to. Your wrist may ache, or you could have sensations of pins and needles. These are some classic signs of carpal tunnel, which may be caused by the…

How many lives are really lost due to medical mistakes?

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Medical malpractice often is not fatal. It can still lead to serious injuries and the need for extensive care, but doctors are able to rectify their mistakes. However, the most serious cases can prove fatal. Before assuming that this is an uncommon occurrence, take a moment to consider just how…

How fast should you report a workplace injury?

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You’re a 40-year-old worker who has never really been injured before. You pride yourself on “toughing it out” and working through mild discomfort. You have a physical job, after all, and this is just part of it. But then you actually get hurt on the job. It’s more than discomfort,…

What are the stages for appealing a denied SSDI claim?

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By the time you realize that you need financial help, you may already be in over your head. Quite a few people who could qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits try to find other solutions before they finally apply for benefits. They might try different medical therapies or…

3 risks you take by trying to handle a car crash claim on your own

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In some ways, it has never been easier than it is right now to file an insurance claim. You don’t even need to know a website address. Your insurance company probably has an app that you can quickly upload police reports and photos of vehicle damage to after a crash.…

The many hazards faced by airline workers

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During the last three decades, Charlotte has transformed into a global business hub. Varying industries from banking, energy, hospitality and airline have benefited. Pre-COVID-19, numerous business travelers congregated at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, arriving in the city to discuss business deals. Tourists came, too. But the pandemic has slowed…

Understanding the causes of bursitis

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Often, having a physically active job means that you engage in repetitive motions. When a certain motion is repeated frequently every day, it can cause strains in your muscles, bones and tendons. This is why tendon and muscle injuries are particularly common in construction workers, and other workers who are…

Learn exactly when you face the greatest danger from drunk drivers

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Staunchly refusing to drive while intoxicated can help to keep you safe, but it’s really only half of the story. You can be sober and still get hit by another drunk driver. Many of the thousands of people who lose their lives or suffer catastrophic injuries in alcohol-related crashes every…