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Local authorities aim to reduce NC pedestrian accident rate

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Roadways are not just for motor vehicles. Of course, cars and trucks dominate most roads, but pedestrians and bicyclists also have rights and responsibilities to keep in mind. When everyone makes smart, safe decisions, pedestrians, motorists, bicyclists and everyone on the road is safer.

Unfortunately, there are countless times when someone makes a bad decision. A driver turns without checking for pedestrians in the crosswalk; a pedestrian jumps out in front of a car without looking; a bicyclist weaves through traffic without using signals. In any of these situations, an accident can occur, and people not protected by their cars are often the ones who pay the price.

With this in mind, local authorities across North Carolina are ramping up efforts to keep people – primarily pedestrians and bikers – safer.

A program called “Watch For Me” is now in its second year in this state. It aims to address pedestrian safety by increasing educational and marketing efforts to remind everyone on the road why it is so important to comply with traffic laws.

Sadly, 76 pedestrians in North Carolina have already died in accidents in this year. The campaign hopes to target areas where there are an especially high number of pedestrians to spread their message. That message is: Everyone can take steps to keep people safer.

Unfortunately, there are people who simply do not take this responsibility seriously, or they assume they are above the law. In these instances, accidents can and do happen that put pedestrian or bicyclist lives in danger.

If you have suffered an injury or lost a loved one in these types of accidents, you can send your own message: Negligent, reckless parties will be held accountable for their actions. For more information on filing personal injury claims, and to secure guidance through the legal process, you will want to consult an attorney.