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How to financially survive the Social Security Disability wait

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It is a well-known fact that waiting on a Social Security Disability hearing can be financially taxing, to put it mildly. Some claimants, depending on the length of the backlog in their filing state, can wait in excess of two years for a hearing date. However, there are resources available for those in limbo.

First, most Social Security disability claimants are not aware that you can, in fact, work while you wait. This can be a sticky situation though, so one would be well advised to seek the advice of an attorney before doing so. This is because the type of work performed could have a major impact on a Judge’s decision regarding your ability to work. The Social Security Administration allows what is known as substantial gainful activity (SGA.) These are guidelines for the amount of monthly income a claimant is allowed to earn while still remaining eligible for disability. The amount has historically increased each year, and is set at $1,080 per month for 2018. Again, please consult an attorney prior to making the decision to work while waiting to have your claim adjudicated.

Second, there are many state and federal programs based on income that claimants qualify for. Some states offer short-term disability benefits. Almost all states offer some type of nutritional or food assistance program. In addition, states have low-income insurance programs available to those who qualify. Both income and assets will be taken into consideration when deciding if an individual is eligible for these benefits. Regarding medical care, low-cost, income-based medical clinics can be found in many areas.

Though many disability claimants would never consider taking advantage of these programs under normal circumstances, they are available to help. A Social Security Disability attorney can likely offer guidance on who to contact to obtain these services as well as help build your case to maximize your chances of succeeding on a disability claim.