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What affects the value of a North Carolina wrongful death claim?

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In many ways, losing a loved one unexpectedly is an incalculable loss. You will miss them every day for the rest of your life. Many people in your family may suffer when a loved one dies tragically in a car crash or similar incident.

If an individual or a business caused the death of your loved ones through negligence, misconduct or default, a wrongful death claim could be an option for your family. The personal representative of your loved one’s estate can file a civil suit against the responsible party.

Establishing the amount of compensation that your family wants from the claim is an important early step in the process. What financial and personal losses determine the value of your claim?

North Carolina law allows for numerous different damages

A wrongful death claim can include requests for multiple different forms of compensation. Repayment for the medical care required by the deceased party is common. So too is the coverage of funeral and burial expenses.

The surviving family members who will benefit from the wrongful death claim can also request compensation for their pain and suffering related to their loss. They also have the right to request the full value of the deceased party’s life. Calculating the value of someone’s lifelong contributions requires care.

There are income and the value of benefits to consider. Family members can also claim the financial value of unpaid services provided by the deceased. Child care, companionship, social guidance and housework can all be worth thousands of dollars in a practical sense. Finally, plaintiffs can also seek punitive damages in cases involving malice or willful and wanton misconduct.

A wrongful death claim can help your family

Filing a wrongful death claim can help you when you need closure after an unexpected tragedy affects your family. A successful claim can compensate your family for the long-term financial losses you will endure.

It can also provide a sense of justice by naming someone responsible and creating a penalty for them. Especially if there was no criminal charge brought in connection with your loss, the civil courts can be a powerful tool for achieving justice. Learning about North Carolina wrongful death claims could help your family move on after a tragedy.