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Charlotte construction worker dies from electrocution on worksite

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Construction sites are among the most dangerous places to be. Even people who are trained to work with large equipment and in unstable environments can fall victim to the unpredictability of a busy construction site. Sadly, that is exactly what happened yesterday in Charlotte.

A man was in a lift bucket working on the construction of an apartment building. Suddenly, the lift touched some power lines that were flowing with 12,000 volts. The worker was electrocuted.

Firefighters and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police were on hand to respond to the construction accident, but sadly the worker was pronounced dead about an hour after the incident. So far, it is not clear who the man is or what company he worked for.

After a tragic accident like this, it is important for all the companies involved in the construction project to take the time to fully understand why the incident occurred. Was the construction worker who was injured or killed properly trained to work with certain equipment? Was the equipment functioning properly? Should someone have been spotting this man to ensure he did not come into contact with dangerous power lines?

As the companies involved determine the adjustments that need to be made after a tragic accident like this one, it is important for the loved ones of a construction accident victim to know that workers’ compensation offers death benefits for surviving family members of an accident victim. While nothing can replace the life of a loved one, compensation can ensure that a family is supported even though they have one less income to rely on. Contact a Charlotte work comp lawyer for help today.

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