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North Carolina fair causes work injury to man taking down ride

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When a North Carolina employee goes to work, the last thing he or she expects is to get hurt. Workplace injuries are actually becoming more common for many employees, though. With more of these incidents occurring, workers’ compensation claims have been growing as well. A recent case of a North Carolina employee suffering a work injury could also lead to a workers’ compensation claim against his employer, if he chooses.

A 35-year-old fair worker was injured at one of North Carolina’s popular fairs. The accident apparently took place in the early morning hours on the last day of the fair. The man was said to have been disassembling a popular ride when a piece of the ride fell on him. Most fair rides are huge and made of pure steel, so it is no wonder that he suffered this injury.

Co-workers of the man reported hearing him screaming before they saw what had happened. After being rescued from underneath the ride, he was rushed to a nearby hospital. Reports state that the man suffered serious injuries, though none of them appeared to be life threatening.

It is upsetting when a North Carolina worker suffers a work injury like this one. This employee worked for a living to provide for his family, and now he may be unable to continue doing so, depending on the severity of his leg injury. However, the man retains the right to file for workers’ compensation as a result of this accident. When an honest, hardworking person is out of work, the burden of expenses piling up can cause even more stress. Should a workers’ compensation claim be successful, the man’s financial burdens resulting from this incident could be eased. Contact a Charlotte work injury attorney for help.

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