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Injured construction worker may seek compensation

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Still recovering from his workplace injuries, a 49-year-old construction worker has hired an attorney to file a notice of claim for him. The construction accident happened when a retaining wall gave way, pinning the man against a truck and concrete.

The injured worker was rescued from the debris by other construction workers. He suffered a heart attack at the scene of the construction site accident. After being taken to a local medical center, the man, who was in critical condition at the time, was then airlifted to a larger hospital.

The man was an employee of a company providing excavation services at the site. His attorney has filed a claim suggesting there may have been negligent supervision of the construction site by the city.

The injured worker, through his attorney, is exploring whether the city imposed stringent enough requirements for the construction of the retaining wall that collapsed and whether there was oversight to determine if the general contractor met the requirements.

The attorney is seeking information on city inspections at the construction accident site to see if the problem with the retaining wall might have been uncovered by more diligent action by municipal engineers. In addition, he has submitted a Freedom of Information request for job specifications.

While the injured construction worker is healing from his workplace injuries, his attorney is already working on his case. Investigating the details of the construction site accident while they are still fresh can increase the worker’s chance of being fairly compensated for his injuries. Residents of North Carolina can look towards this case to see the importance of legal advice if you find yourself injured on a construction site. Contact a Charlotte workers compensation attorney for help today.

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