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We know workers compensation law, so you don’t have to learn it

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Imagine that you have been injured on the job. That’s bad news, but there may be some peace of mind in knowing that your employer is subject to workers’ compensation coverage.

But then you start to wade into the particulars of getting your claim started, and it soon becomes apparent that it may not be a seemingly straightforward proposition. Maybe your employer claims that you were horsing around at the time of the accident and tries to deny your claim. Or the company’s workers’ compensation insurer seems to be trying to lowball the compensation you think you need.

What should you do?

You could try turning to the North Carolina workers’ compensation law itself, to see if it offers any help. And then you may encounter a lot of legal jargon or confusing blocks of text.

You have enough to concern yourself with when it comes to getting back on your feet again after an accident without becoming an armchair expert on the law; trying to discern what the workers’ compensation law means, not to mention how it works.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. Navigating the workers’ compensation law is a staple of what we do. Arcane legal language doesn’t intimidate us — and neither do compensation insurance companies.

Our purpose is to be your advocate when it comes to getting the workers’ compensation you deserve if you are injured on the job. We have been earning experience in this field for almost three decades. Learn more about how a Charlotte work comp lawyer can help by going to our web page, where you can also contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.