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Getting Ready for Your Social Security Disability Hearing – Part IV

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Usually you will be asked questions by both your attorney and the Judge at your social security disability hearing. Please listen carefully to the questions and ask that it be repeated or explained if you don’t understand. Answer only the question asked. If you’re asked about your legs, don’t start talking about problems with your arms. If you don’t know the answer to a question there is nothing wrong in saying so. However, a good attorney will give you an idea of the types of questions that you will be asked so that you can be ready. The questions often focuses on your age, education and prior work experience, the reason why you had to stop work, the ongoing problems you have as a result of your medical conditions that contribute to your disability, and your daily activities, i.e., how you spend your time on a day to day basis. It is best if you can be specific about these matters. If asked how long you can sit, use a period of time. Don’t say, “not for long.” The same rule applies to standing, walking, lifting, etc. Make sure you speak up loud and clear so the Judge can hear and a good recording is made.