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Two vehicle crash kills 34 year-old North Carolina man

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A 34 year-old man has been killed in a crash at a North Carolina intersection that involved his vehicle and one other. The early morning accident occurred when the surviving driver, a 49 year-old man, crossed the centerline and crashed into the vehicle of the victim. Law enforcement officials do not believe that high speeds played a role in this accident, as both men were traveling at the posted speed limits.

Both vehicles that were involved in the crash were subjected to significant damage. The result of the collision was so catastrophic that rescue workers had to cut the top away from the 34 year-old victim’s car in order to release him from the tangled debris. This man was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

The 49 year-old driver who allegedly caused the accident was charged with a misdemeanor death by motor vehicle crime. He was tested for drugs and alcohol use while operating his motor vehicle, though the results have not yet been released. Both lanes of the road were closed while law enforcement officials assessed the scene, but they have since reopened for public use.

Failure to follow driving rules often results in catastrophic accidents that leave passengers and drivers with serious injuries or even the loss of life. The negligent driver who caused the accident is often held liable. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, speaking to an experienced attorney might be beneficial.

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