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Truck cargo can present safety risk in the event of a crash

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When you think about injuries suffered in a serious motor vehicle accident, you probably think of those that happen when two vehicles collide. You likely imagine broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord damage and maybe burns and lacerations. These are all unfortunately common, but there are other types of injuries that can be suffered after the initial crash.

For instance, if a commercial truck crashes, it not only presents a threat to the safety of motorists involved in that primary crash, it can also create secondary events that lead to serious injuries. One recent accident in North Carolina is a good example of this.

The accident involved four different vehicles, including three tractor trailers that collided on the interstate. The fact that the crash blocked three lanes of traffic would be troubling enough, but then it was reported that one of the vehicles involved was carrying yellow jackets and honeybees.

Upon impact, reports state that millions of bees fled their hives on one of the trailers and swarmed the area, stinging people on the scene.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. However, this can serve as reminder that the risk to people’s safety still exists even after a crash. People can get hurt in secondary collisions caused by swerving or backed up traffic, or they can get sick or injured when a truck’s cargo spills.

In these types of situations when truck accident injuries are suffered in a secondary event like a cargo spill, it can be very challenging to establish liability. Was the trucker driving recklessly? Was the cargo improperly secured? Were there violations with what was being transported? Answering these and other questions with the help and guidance of an attorney can help you identify the liable party and take legal action seeking damages you may greatly need and deserve.