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Certain safety restrictions lifted for truckers across US

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Truckers face some very serious on-the-job hazards. Every time they go to work, they are at risk of getting into or causing a catastrophic trucking accident, which is why there are many state and federal regulations in place to keep truckers and other motorists safe.

However, recently it was announced that some of these regulations would be temporarily lifted so that truckers can provide emergency relief to flooded areas across Louisiana. If you are a trucker or know a trucker in North Carolina, it can be crucial that you understand which regulations have been suspended and how to safe on the job until they are reinstated.

The primary rule that was suspended involves the Hours of Service regulations. These regulations limit the number of hours that a trucker can be on the job and dictate when he or she must be off duty. These rules are intended to prevent fatigued driving.

It should be noted that the rules are only being lifted for truckers who are providing specific types of assistance and direct relief to flooded areas. However, the specific regulations that have been lifted will be lifted in all states along a trucker’s route to the affected areas to provide assistance more easily.

What this means is that for the time being, truckers traveling to and from flood-affected areas are going to have to rely on their own judgment when it comes to making certain decisions about their driving. Instead of pulling off the road to rest because the HOS regulations require it, a driver will need to stop driving when he or she feels too sleepy to continue driving safely.

Should an accident occur, injured truckers will need their own type of relief. For many, this will include workers’ compensation if an accident occurred while a person was on the job. However, because of the temporary suspensions in place, it can be difficult to understand eligibility for benefits if the accident stems from fatigued driving and behaviors normally considered a violation of federal regulations.

Anyone with questions regarding workers’ compensation and other types of financial relief for truckers across North Carolina would be wise to consult a Charlotte workers compensation attorney to examine the legal options available.