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North Carolina widow tells court of pain of loss

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The pain she struggles with every day is evident in her words. She says she cries herself to sleep every night because she misses her husband. The 66-year-old retired teacher was killed as he rode his bicycle on a road about 150 miles northeast of Charlotte.

His widow recently spoke in court about her loss and the impact on her, telling the judge how she now weighs less than 100 pounds because she has trouble eating since her husband’s death. “Eating is hard when you are used to eating every meal with your husband, and now I am totally alone,” she said.

The man behind the wheel of the pick-up truck that struck the former teacher was also in the courtroom. He said he feels guilty about the motor vehicle accident.

In fact, he pleaded guilty to a charge of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. His sentence is to be 75 days in jail. And because his license is suspended, he cannot drive for a year.

That’s it.

He is appealing the sentence that he believes is too harsh, a news report states.

This is one of many examples of how difficult it can be to get justice in criminal court. Far too often, drivers who are reckless or careless or distracted or intoxicated or otherwise responsible for another person’s death get off with minor penalties or no punishment at all.

For families that have suffered these kinds of losses, the pursuit of justice often goes through civil court and wrongful death litigation.