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WHO: Depression is leading cause of disability worldwide

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Regular readers of our North Carolina law blog know that a few days ago we wrote about how depression can affect a person’s ability to work and how it might qualify people for workers’ compensation.

On a related note, we read recently that the World Health Organization says that “depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide.” The organization says that more than 300 million people now live with depression daily. In far too many cases, those who suffer with depression are unable to work.

Their inability to continue with their careers can often qualify them for Social Security Disability benefits.

WHO says that for many people suffering from depression, their struggles are exacerbated by a lack of support and the still-present stigma attached to the mental condition.

World Health Day is coming up fast: April 7. This Thursday, WHO will be highlighting its year-long campaign to get professional help for people with depression.

Dr Shekhar Saxena, Director of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse at WHO said, “The continuing stigma associated with mental illness was the reason why we decided to name our campaign ‘Depression: Let’s Talk.’”

There is little doubt that all of us know someone important in our lives who has dealt with depression. For those dealing with long-term depression, help can come in many forms, including SSDI benefits.

If you have applied for disability benefits and had your claim turned down, you can speak with a Charlotte law firm about appealing that decision.