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Workers injured in propane plant explosion

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According to a recent report, on Friday, July 6, 2018, an explosion in a North Carolina propane tank plant injured two workers. Though their injuries were considered non-life threatening, both workers were airlifted to a burn center.

Susan Holder, Sampson County spokeswoman, told WSOC TV that an emergency call was received on Friday afternoon stating there had been multiple explosions at the plant. She further stated that firefighters worked for around two hours to contain the fire, focusing on keeping it away from nearby woods as well as other tanks on the premises. Two of those tanks were 30-gallon liquid propane tanks. In addition to those, the plant also housed another 25,000 propane cylinders.

Everyone within a 1-mile radius of the plant was evacuated as a safety precaution. One firefighter was also treated and released for an injury. The cause of the fire is still under investigation by multiple local and state officials, including the state Bureau of Investigation, the county fire marshal and the North Carolina Department of Labor.

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