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Hidden internal bleeding and organ damage after a car accident

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Experiencing a car accident is often frightening and harmful for victims, and may lead to fatal injuries that a victim does not feel until they are already in great danger. If you or someone you love recently experienced a car accident, it is very important to see a doctor for a complete medical assessment. Even if you do not feel pain or see signs of an injury after a car accident, you may have hidden, life-threatening injuries.

Some victims believe that it is a waste of time or money to get a full medical assessment after a car accident. These assessments help doctors identify hidden injuries and treat them before the injuries worsen. Proper medical care at the right time can not only save a victim’s life, it also serves as a strong basis for a personal injury claim later on, if necessary.

Internal bleeding

One of the most common delayed pain injuries a victim may suffer in a car accident is internal bleeding. Like external bleeding, a victim may lose consciousness and pass away quickly if they lose too much blood internally. While this is not terribly painful, it is still fatal. Timely medical care can identify internal bleeding and work to stop it before the victim succumbs.

Victims may also suffer from minor internal bleeding, which poses a different threat. Minor internal wounds are unlikely to involve fatal blood loss, but are easily infected by bacteria inside the victim’s body. If an internal wound develops a significant infection, the infection often spreads to other parts of the body through the victim’s bloodstream. If the victim does not receive proper medical care to treat the infection, it can overtake their entire body, which is both fatal and painful.

Partial organ damage

Partial organ damage is also a common potentially fatal injury. When an organ suffers some damage, but not enough to shut the organ down completely, the body works to heal the organ using its natural processes. During this time, the victim may not realize that their organ suffered any damage at all.

If the victim’s body cannot heal the organ, the situation gets very dangerous, as the body shuts the organ down completely. Once one organ shuts down, it is difficult for the body to keep the other organs running. Eventually, all of the victim’s organs may fail, which is both deadly and very painful. Both organ failure and internal bleeding require immediate treatment from a qualified medical professional.

Don’t wait to protect yourself

If you find that you suffered from hidden injuries after a car accident, seeking proper medical care may only be the first step in the process of healing and recovery. Victims who receive injuries because of the actions or negligence of some other person can build a personal injury claim to seek fair compensation for their losses and suffering. With proper legal tools and guidance as you need them, you can build a strong claim that protects your rights as you work toward a complete recovery.