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Common low-ball tactics used by insurers

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Busy city streets and winding mountain roads in North Carolina all add up to a strong potential for car accidents that cause injuries and property damage. If you are injured in a car accident, you may experience an auto insurer trying one of the following common low-ball tactics to settle your claim.

Denying or limiting liability

Even when an offending driver obviously caused an accident, that driver might lie, and their insurer likely does not want to accept liability and the costs that come with it. Motor vehicle accidents could result in insurers denying valid claims for injuries and other damages. If they cannot fully deny claims, insurers may try to reduce the liability by accusing the other driver of contributing to the accident and offering a reduced settlement amount.

Arguing injuries and costs

Many auto insurers will try to reduce liability costs by blaming pre-existing injuries and medical conditions rather than the accident. They might accuse accident victims of exaggerating the extent of injuries and pain, partly because some people do lie about their injuries and causes. Anything auto insurers can do to shift blame to another cause, such as a prior injury, will help them to offer low-ball settlements.

Legal representation provides leverage

If you are injured in a car accident, an experienced attorney may help to uphold your legal rights and work to ensure fair settlements from insurers. A consultation will help to assess your case, and obtaining legal representation means the insurer must deal with your attorney instead of bothering you. That helps you to focus on healing while documenting your injuries and medical treatments to support your case.