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Even lightly used bike helmets could stand replacement

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Biking often comes with a lot of financial and health benefits. Enjoying the fresh air and not having to deal with the expense of owning a car can feel like a load off of your back.

But unfortunately, as you are probably well aware, the physical build of a bicycle does not provide a rider with a lot of protection. While automobiles may have increased safety features year in and year out, bicyclists relegate themselves to selecting effective padding and helmets. And, while you might willingly wear a helmet, that doesn’t mean it is doing all it could.

Basic helmet ownership can yield damage

A helmet doesn’t just get “use” from enduring the scrapes and scratches it gets over the years. An article on Off Road that featured an interview with Paul Caswell speaks to simple acts a rider can take, even in just putting a helmet away after a ride, that wear down a helmet. While the basic ownership of a helmet may not feel abrasive to said helmet, the continued motions over time can have a larger buildup.

While the United States Consumer Production Safety Commission recommends that riders get new helmets every 5-10 years, riders who have rougher bike outings might stand to do so sooner. After all, the foam within a helmet often takes the brunt of the blow during a crash. In many cases, that foam is not designed to stand a second round. Though some might develop a sentimental attachment to the helmet that protected them in a crash, in reality, it might be wiser to move on to the next one.

Still, there are some injuries that even a fresh helmet can only do so much for. After a catastrophic injury, dealing with the uncertainty that comes can be devastating. Reaching out to professional council can help provide a better outlook on the days ahead, and help build a case to make recovery easier.