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Which Pedestrian Groups Are at Greatest Risk of Accident?

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Pedestrian accidents can cause significant harm to those involved. Given the damage that can be caused, it’s critical that proper steps are taken to protect those who are most vulnerable and likely to end up in an accident. However, no matter who is in the accident, there are likely to be a number of bills and psychological costs that the injured party is going to face. They may need the help of a Charlotte pedestrian accident attorney to get the compensation they deserve.

There is a strong chance that the injured will be able to hold those responsible accountable and receive just compensation for their injuries. The pedestrian accident lawyers at Ayers, Whitlow & Dressler have successfully secured compensation for many clients in similar situations.

Which Pedestrian Groups Are at Greatest Risk of Accident?

Pedestrian Groups at the Greatest Risk of an Accident

When we consider what makes someone at risk in a pedestrian accident, there are two primary factors to consider. Some groups may be more likely to get in a pedestrian accident, often by virtue of their frequent proximity to traffic, such as people who work and live in the downtown area of a city.

Other groups may not interact with vehicle traffic as regularly but may be more susceptible to significant injuries if they were to get into one. For instance, while a vehicle can do a significant amount of damage to anyone, someone in the prime of their life is likely to recover from injuries a little better than the elderly and very young.

Some of the groups who may be at greater risk of an accident include:

  • The Elderly. Generally, as we age, our mobility decreases, our hearing and vision are diminished, and we don’t move as quickly as we used to. This can lead to an increased likelihood of being caught up in a pedestrian accident.
  • Children can be at risk for a pedestrian accident in neighborhoods where they may be outside playing. Their smaller size makes them less visible to drivers, which puts them at greater risk of an accident. They also may behave in unpredictable ways that drivers might not see coming.
  • Pedestrians With Certain Impairments. Avoiding pedestrian accidents can be easier when someone has fully functional vision, hearing, and mobility. Those who are hearing impaired, have vision challenges, and lack full mobility, either permanently or temporarily due to an injury, can face difficulties and challenges navigating crosswalks and reacting quickly to traffic.
  • Pedestrians in More Densely Populated Areas. Pedestrians in these areas face a greater risk because of the greater likelihood of interaction with a vehicle and the complexity of some of the intersections, particularly in downtown areas of bigger cities.
  • Pedestrians in Low-Income Areas. In lower-income areas, roads may not be kept up as well, and poor lighting, inadequately maintained crosswalks, and a lack of functional sidewalks can increase the possibility of an accident.

While these groups are often more at risk of getting injured in a car accident, that doesn’t mean they are at fault. Drivers of cars and trucks have a duty of care when they get behind the wheel, and so are held to a higher standard. If you or someone you love has been injured in a pedestrian, don’t assume that you were at fault because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Speak with an experienced pedestrian car accident attorney.


Q: What Restitution Is Available in a Pedestrian Accident?

A: The restitution paid for a pedestrian accident will generally be the same as any personal injury claim. This includes economic damages, which cover medical bills and lost wages from missing work. Also included are non-economic damages, which address things like pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment in life, mental anguish, and other psychological and emotional impacts.

Q: What Causes Pedestrian Accidents?

A: Generally, the causes of a pedestrian accident are the same as we might find in any car accident. Speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, and other failures to follow the rules of the road may all play a part. Additionally, failing to yield, poor visibility, and a lack of sufficient signage and identification of crosswalks could all possibly be to blame.

Q: What Should I Do After a Pedestrian Accident?

A: If you are in a pedestrian accident, get prompt medical attention as soon as possible. If there are paramedics at the scene, make sure you get checked over. However, you should still see a doctor in the coming days. Some injuries don’t show up for hours or days later, and you need documentation of these injuries for a personal injury case. Once you’ve seen to your health, you will want to make sure that you get in contact with a pedestrian accident lawyer who can help you understand your options.

Q: What Can a Charlotte Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Do to Help?

A: A pedestrian accident lawyer is responsible for investigating your accident and helping you seek restitution for your injuries, whether that be through a settlement or by taking the claim to court.

Fair Compensation With the Help of a Charlotte Pedestrian Accident Attorney

While some groups may be at a greater risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident, the truth is that any pedestrian is at a severe disadvantage when an accident occurs. The size and force disparity between a vehicle and an exposed human is tremendous, and the damage caused can be significant. The injuries usually come with expensive medical bills, lost wages from having missed work, pain and suffering, and other costs.

While it’s the responsibility of whoever caused the accident to pay for these things, it’s most often their insurance provider who will be called on to do so. Although insurance companies can sometimes be difficult to hold accountable for what they owe, personal injury law does allow for a civil claim to be filed in pursuit of those damages. In some cases, even the credible threat of going to court is enough to persuade them to negotiate a reasonable settlement.

To give yourself a firm chance at getting what you deserve, contact the experienced Charlotte pedestrian accident attorneys at Ayers, Whitlow & Dressler. Contact us today for a consultation, and we can discuss your options.