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Here’s what it means to have complex regional pain syndrome

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Anyone can get hurt at work. From the office worker who injures their back while lifting a heavy object to a construction worker who suffers from repetitive-strain injuries from using heavy machinery that vibrates, there are dozens of reasons that people may get hurt at work. These individuals deserve an…

Food poisoning could mean medical bills and massive wage losses

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What you eat can be a source of pleasure as well as nutrition. Some people will go so far as to say that food is medicine because healthy eating choices can drastically improve someone’s overall health and quality of life. Unfortunately, the inverse is also true. When you eat something…

What if my Social Security disability benefits are denied?

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You may have been unable to work for a while because of debilitating back pain and won’t be able to return anytime soon. Now, your long-term disability insurance is running out. You decide applying for Social Security disability benefits is the next step, so you hopefully can continue to pay…

How to tell if you might qualify for punitive damages in your personal injury case

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If you have heard of punitive damages, it is important to know that they are not available in most personal injury lawsuits that take place in Charlotte. But it is worth knowing what punitive damages are and how much you can seek. As the name suggests, punitive damages are meant…

Are you challenged or perplexed by the ERISA disability claims process?

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As a North Carolina disability claimant, you might be a bit confused – candidly, even bewildered – by the various ins and outs relevant to your claim’s processing. There are a lot of them, aren’t there? And they can feature every step of the way, from the initial application stage…

What do I do about Social Security retirement benefits if I am getting SSD payments?

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It can be easy to confuse the Social Security and Social Security Disability programs. They have similar names and are both administered by the Social Security Administration. But as our wise Charlotte readers know, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are for workers who have become severely disabled due to an…

Is distracted driving more or less dangerous than drunk driving?

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Motorists in North Carolina may be surprised to learn that distracted driving is as dangerous as driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Anyone with doubts regarding this fact needs only to look at a few statistics to understand the dangers of distracted driving. Distracted driving vs. drunk…

Even lightly used bike helmets could stand replacement

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Biking often comes with a lot of financial and health benefits. Enjoying the fresh air and not having to deal with the expense of owning a car can feel like a load off of your back. But unfortunately, as you are probably well aware, the physical build of a bicycle…

Mistakes that may prevent you from getting workers’ comp benefits

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An injury at work has limited your mobility, thus your ability to perform job-related duties. Your situation represents a prime example of when a person should pursue workers’ compensation benefits. How will you be able to provide for your family and pay your bills? Well, workers’ compensation, temporarily, will help…

How will North Carolina’s anti-subrogation rule affect your settlement?

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er your injury, you found that you had insurmountable medical bills in addition to auto repair costs and lost wages. You will have to rely on a settlement or an award to cover your many damages. However, many insurance providers try to recover their payments from the money that injured…